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Universal HR Solutions company is based out of Chandigarh and is enable to attract and recruit the best available professionals, and suitable candidates.

About Us

Established in the year 2011, Universal HR Solutions is engaged in providing solutions to various verticals in the industry by recruitment and corporate Training. Our services are governed by a strict code of ethics which ensures we provide timely, effective and economical solutions to our clients while maintaining complete confidentiality. 


Universal HR Solutions company is based out of Chandigarh and is enable to attract and recruit the best available professionals, and suitable candidates. We as a company understand the intricacies of human resource management and are dedicated to bridging the gap between the requirements in various organizations and the career aspirations of individuals. We seek to establish a lasting relationship between the employer and the job seeker. We specialize in identification, evaluation and placement of suitable candidates across various industries. Our executive search consultants are highly skilled professionals with specialization in their respective fields. 


Universal HR Solutions has developed various methods and profiling processes for recruiting top talent from around the country. We retain a panel of industry experts from various trade and industry in order to ensure that our client gets manpower that is efficient, educated, experienced and as per their exact requirement. Our success is firmly entrenched in our philosophy to form partnerships, collaborations and long-term relationships with clients who take advantage of our bouquet of manifold specialized services.

Our Core Values


To exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates through our innovative , dynamic and supportive service approach and to establish a reputation as recruitment service partner.


 To deliver to our client,the best type of personnel in the market matching them with their needs, using a team approach that embraces the value of integrity, trust, respect and professionalism.


The objective of Universal HR Solution is to be recognized as one of the leading company globally in the field of HR services.

We Promise

To execute every assignment diligently and ethically.

To adhere to the strict norms of the clients work culture and their code of ethics.

To thoroughly checkshortlisted candidates diligence.


  • We proactively offer the complete spectrum of support and offer insights to our candidates preparing them for a stellar output.
  • We counsel our clients on evolving industry trends and render industry prognosis, while simultaneously working as influencers for the job seekers.
  • Our measurable industry index bears a testimony to our drawing the best talent in every domain.
  • We take responsibility for every talent that we place and actively contribute to the advancement of the organization.

Our Features

  • Reduce time to fill
  • Critical Talent Retention
  • Data Analytics talent intelligence
  • Maintenance of Client Confidentiality
  • Innovation & Expertise
  • Strong Partnership
  • Candidate Experience
  • Talent Pooling

Sourcing and Recruitment Processes And Techniques:

Enlisting talent for a job is a precise exercise. While the competitive environment demands unerring work processes to track professionals with specific skill sets, the drill required to source and employ such manpower is time consuming and ponderous

National Enlisting

Sourcing: Universal HR Solutions Semploys time tested methods aligned with modern digital means to attract manpower. Working in tandem with the field staff, our sourcing team has built a robust and a remarkable data bank of job seekers.


The Right Target: Universal HR Solutions uses various means to source the right candidate for the right job. On the other hand, job seekers can upload their CV on our website for consideration.


Reputed Publications: We leverage the dominance of leading publications and other dominant broad sheet periodical for openings which catch the attention of “crème dela crème” talent.


Networking: Never has networking been as important as it is in today’s digital times. Well heeled social get together or even seminars or convention, are the most there is a high likely setting to locate talent.


Social Media: We also are broadcasting on Linkedin, which is one of the key drivers on digital space for professionals, along with Facebook, twitter and lastly whatsapp

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Delivery Models:

End to End RPO

Selective RPO:

Project RPO:

Benefits to Our Clients:

The Industry Sectors Served By Us


The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications to be administered (or self administered) to patients, with the aim to cure them, vaccinate them, or alleviate the symptoms. Pharmaceutical comprises Sales, Marketing, manufacturing, medical equipment, Parma covigilence, pharma ecnomics Clinical trails


Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sector, both interms of revenue and employment. Healthcare comprises hospitals, medicaldevices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, healthinsurance and medical equipment. The Indian healthcare sector is growing at abrisk pace due to its strengthening coverage, services and increasingexpenditure by public as well private players. 

Our Clients